Adam Forstadt is a Senior Leader and Executive Creative Director for brands looking to reach their increasingly segmented audiences. Engagements including the People’s Choice Awards, Mattel, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany,  Disney, Fox,  E! Entertainment,  and Pepsi. 

From Adam’s early college years collaborating with renowned director Doug Liman, to working at TBWAChiatDay consulting brands (Nissan/Infiniti, Apple, and Visa) on how to increase their social media foot print,  Adam has always been excited and motivated by telling great stories in new and multi-faceted ways. 

His strong social media background and “white space” strategic thinking has kept him at the intersection of popular culture and the client’s brand vision. At the end of the day, Adam takes surface streets from his wfh office to the living room to spend quality time with his daughter and adorable, but crazy little puppy.